General Podiatry and Foot Care

Podiatry and Chiropody are different terms for the same thing and a Podiatrist, as we are now called, is a health care professional who specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions relating to the foot and lower limb.

At her podiatry clinic near Ludlow, Debby Luxton offers routine care of the foot such as corns, callus (hard skin) and nail cutting. Whether you have an ingrowing toenail that requires careful management, hard skin that makes walking painful or thickened toenails that are difficult to cut yourself, Debby's experience and expertise can help.

If you have Diabetes it is important that you have your feet checked regularly. Debby will check the circulation in your feet and look for evidence of any loss of sensation. She can also advise on footwear and general foot health.

Visiting a podiatrist is the first step to healthy feet.


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