General Podiatry & Foot Care

All appointments - £30.00

marigold treatment for verrucae

£30.00 per treatment

'cold' laser for fungal nail treatment

We cannot treat individual toes. We treat one foot or two feet. Treatments are usually weekly and last 12 minutes for each foot.

Initial consultation - £30.00

At the intial consultation your infection will be diagnosed and treatment options will be discussed. If required, a nail cutting will be taken for pathology and the nails will be cut and reduced to make them more comfortable.

Mild infection

4 Treatments on One Foot - £200.00
4 Treatments on Both Feet - £400.00

moderate infection

6 Treatments on One Foot - £300.00
6 Treatments on Both Feet - £600.00

severe infection

8 Treatments on One Foot - £400.00
8 Treatments on Both Feet - £700.00

Follow on treatments at £40.00 per treatment per foot.

Biomechanical assessment

If you have foot or heel pain, it is advisable that you have a biomechanical assessment. This will involve a detailed case history of the presenting problem and an evaluation of the way you stand and walk. It will also include certain mechanical tests to determine what is causing your symptoms and then a discussion regarding your treatment options.

Assesssment - £40.00

Orthotic therapy – prices range from £40 for an off the shelf corrective insole to £195 for prescription orthotics. 


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