'Cold' laser treatment

A new low level laser treatment for fungal nail infection is now available at Debby Luxton's podiatry clinic near Ludlow. This revolutionary treatment has had a very good success rate in clinical trials and Debby has had some excellent results with her own patients. Treatments are quick, painless and have no reported side effects.

More than simply a cosmetic problem, a thickened and discoloured fungal nail can lead to pressure on the nail bed and discomfort when wearing shoes. It is also a constant source of fungal spores which can infect the skin of the foot. In severe cases this can lead to cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the skin. 

Fungal nail infections are common and many people are embarrassed and self-conscious. Debby has treated many people with onychomycosis (fungal nail infection) so please don't feel embarrassed about coming to see us.

Thank you so much for the laser treatment…it worked really well and now I have a brand new toenail!

- KH


I was so pleased with this treatment! My ugly toenail is so much better now and I can finally wear summer sandals again!

- PR


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