Cold Laser treatment for the treatment of fungal toenails.

The Lunula‘Cold’ Laser is a unique dual diode laser treatment which effectively kills toenail fungus and also encourages new healthy nail growth. The treatment is fast and painless and on-going clinical trials report a 95% improvement rate.

Many people initially try other treatments but often with little or no success. Topical paints and creams do not penetrate in to the nail bed sufficiently to kill the fungus and while other laser treatments do have some success, they can be painful. The ‘Cold’ laser is quick, painless and has no reported side effects.

The treatment involves an initial consultation to determine the nature of the infection and to discuss how many treatments will be required. We also supply products and information to help prevent reinfection.

Toenail fungus is unsightly, embarrassing and in some cases can lead to skin infections as well. It can take 6 - 9 months or more for new nails to begin to grow once the fungal infection has been killed. So, thinking ahead to next Summer, now might be a good time to come and see us for an initial consultation.